Make The Shared Sip part of your next event!

Beyond food styling and photography, creating beautiful cocktail experiences is a huge passion of mine. I work with bloggers + brands to design and develop specialty cocktails for events around the Bay Area and beyond.

Here's how it usually works: a brand or blogger will come to me with a theme or general event concept, and I will develop both the cocktails and the experience that will best compliment the event's vision. For example, if a blogger is hosting a fiesta-themed event, I would create a mexican-centric cocktail, outline what I envision for the bar setup, and design thoughtful details that make the experience just a little more special.

Below is a sample of events I've curated. Working with local brands and creatives has been one of the most rewarding (and fun!) aspects of my business. I would love to help you design a memorable and unique cocktail experience at your next event—send me a note over here or via email:!

La Tourangelle-54.jpg
La Tourangelle-68.jpg
La Tourangelle-69.jpg
CK Feel Good Fiesta-16.jpg
CK Feel Good Fiesta-27.jpg
CK Feel Good Fiesta-18.jpg
CK Feel Good Fiesta-25.jpg
La Tourangelle-58.jpg
CK Feel Good Fiesta-29.jpg
La Tourangelle-65.jpg
CK Feel Good Fiesta-20.jpg
CK Feel Good Fiesta-10.jpg
La Tourangelle-71.jpg
CK Feel Good Fiesta-14.jpg
CK Feel Good Fiesta-9.jpg
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La Tourangelle-57.jpg
La Tourangelle-59.jpg
La Tourangelle-81.jpg
CK Feel Good Fiesta-1.jpg
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CK Feel Good Fiesta-11.jpg
La Tourangelle-62.jpg
CK Feel Good Fiesta-19.jpg
CK Feel Good Fiesta-22.jpg